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Jones Parking Question...

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Where can you park to fish the back side (bay side) of Jones? Like near the Coast Guard station, or near the bridges, etc? Field 6 and WE2 are a bit far. Any other lots?
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You can park right at the Marina adjacent to the CG Station. If you want to stay after dark you should get a night fishing permit before the end of the month. You can also park at Field 10 fishing piers. During the day you will have to pay the regular fee in season or you can get an Empire Passport that is good for free admission till next March. It costs $59 but it pays if you go often.

The bridges are another issue. You can't park any where near them legally and you can't fish from them either. Enforcement is often hit or miss but if you do get tagged it will cost you $$ and some folks have had their vehicles towed.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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