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Jones Parking Question...

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Where can you park to fish the back side (bay side) of Jones? Like near the Coast Guard station, or near the bridges, etc? Field 6 and WE2 are a bit far. Any other lots?
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surfstix wrote:
In addition to the parking mentioned above you have access to the "Construction Dock" area with the proper permits. I don't recall if the Night Fishing permit was adequate or if you needed the 4x4 permit for back there.
NYS night fishing permit required for, of all things, fishing at night
No permit required for day fishing and access is not limited to 4x4's. The road is hard pack.

As for the bridges, I believe that they are supposed to re-open the Green Island Access parking area this fall and will be usable by all NYS night fishing permit holders.

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ooppppps, my bad......

Do they actually enforce it? I see cars there all the time, sometimes with couples involved in "non-fishing" related activities

Now that I think about it, I kinda do recall a sign that says something like that. Shows you how much attention I pay to signs ;);).

Who, me officer? I swear I didn't see any sign

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Right before you go as far as you can to west end 2, you will see an entrance on the right for the coast guard station. Take the right and a little way down you will a dirt road to the left. Try looking at the area with the satellite program of your choice. Mapquest works well. See you Sat. (if the rain is not heavy;))

paulsp wrote:
Does any one know what day they stop selling the night fishing permit?
Fairly certain that you can only get the NYS permits (4x4, night permit, etc) until the end of this month. Might even be a little earlier, so if you plan on getting it, do it now.

surfstix wrote:
The problem I see with that is it will probably close down shortly thereafter when they start on the second bridge!!!
You are probably right unfortunately:mad:. I heard thru the grapevine that they were going to yank the draw mechanism off the 2nd and use it for the 3rd. Then they were going replace the missing draw section on the 2nd with solid pavement. Hopefully they can figure a way to do it without further closure of the access point. NYS also promised a pier at the 3rd. There was roughly $386,000 (200k fed grant, rest nys tax dollar) allocated for this at least 12 years ago. I suspect we won't see this any time soon:(.

The original plan called for a catwalk beneath the bridge extending from either side toward the middle (boat channel). This would have been the best of all worlds, from a cost standpoint and for the fishermen who use it. Instead, it was replaced with the official NYS bigger and better deal. A pier running parallel to the south shore of the channel. AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Your tax dollars (and state representation) hard at work for you
. I bet that money has bought a lot of high priced hookers in it's day

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