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I took my shake down run last Saturday, 4/5 and headed out of the inlet through the new channel at 2:00PM. It was low tide with the current still going out but not full strength. If you remember last Saturday's weather, there was about a 5 foot swell in the ocean. There was a line of breakers to the east of the channel and to the west. The west bar looked very bad. The channel itself was clear of breakers, just big swells. It looked like there was a clear swath right out of the inlet that had good water. The breakers where at least several hundred yards from the main channel.

Bouys 3 / 4 are slightly east of last years posistion. Bouys 1 / 2 are several hundred yards further east. Bouys 1A / 2A have been removed. The JI bouy is still in last years position, far from the entrance of the main channel. My depth finder (transducer about 2 feet below the waterline) never read less than 14 feet on the way out.

I looked over at the cut by the jetty and I could see breakers, but could not really tell if that area is still clear.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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