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Jones beach piers field 10

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Does any one have luck with any species of fish there. Last year there was a lot of bait in the water and it was good for the cast net. I pass in there pretty often to take a look around but no one is ever catching anything. I have seen a few very small sea bass at times and some small king fish. I know blues will pass through every once in a while, but does anyone ever do well over there or at least decent with any type of fish.
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Thanks. I have also heard porgies but does anyone know if this is true.
Do you know if the porgies and sea bass are there now or is it not the right time.
ok. I am just asking because I might not be able to get there before 6 in the next week or 2 so I dont want to pay the fee and then have there not be anything because I can go fish somewhere else for free with the same or better results.
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