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Jones beach piers field 10

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Does any one have luck with any species of fish there. Last year there was a lot of bait in the water and it was good for the cast net. I pass in there pretty often to take a look around but no one is ever catching anything. I have seen a few very small sea bass at times and some small king fish. I know blues will pass through every once in a while, but does anyone ever do well over there or at least decent with any type of fish.
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i fished there a lot last year. there were days that i literally got fish on every drop (Sea Bass and Porgys) but on a good day only one or two will be a keeper. Ive seen people catch blues there too and ive caught plenty of flounder, but again, almost nothing big enough to keep. Same with fluke, youll catch some small with the ocasional keeper. I think the thing with pier fishing is you have to just get those few and far between keepers, save em and at some point you'll have enough for a meal. but for those of us without a boat or money to do the party boats as often as we like to fish its a good time. usually lots of good friendly people around. sometimes when its real crowded it can be a drag but overall it serves its purpose.
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