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I have a 115 hp. johnson. how can i get the year? I have the Ser.#.It needs much to much work to restore i will replace. thanks to this site i have a good idear on what i whant.and its not a fitch.i have a guy who is looking for the lower unit don't know what to charg? input is welcome.
wet lines...oldbayrat...

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In 1980, OMC began using a new system to identify the model year of their outboards. The word "INTRODUCES" was used with a number assigned to each letter.

I -1
N -2
T -3
R -4
O -5
D -6
U -7
C -8
E -9
S -0

The last letter of the model number denotes the plant of manufacture. The preceeding two letters indicate the year of manufacture. eg - CE=89

That's it. Good luck-

Stephen Byrne
NY Bight Editor
Nor'east Saltwater

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Johnson 90 Hp Outboards. Pwr Trim & tilt. Excellent Cond. 1985 & 1986.
2 available. $1,995. Each.
LOW Hours!

Motors are Fresh Water use only and in good condition.


Call: (207) 286-8087 or

[email protected]

Brand New Parts for OMCs JOHNSON 90 Hp outboards as follows:

3 each #323664 Spline Gear $99.
1 Ea Ignition Coil Kit # 583737 $50
1 Ea Voltage Regulator Kit # 173640 $89.
2 Ea Helical Lower unit Gear sets 340490 $199.set
2 Ea Rubber Exhaust Gaskets $10. ea
1 Ea Complete 90 Hp Gasket set # 139300 $50.
6 Ea Gaskets # 317914 $6 ea.
3 Ea used OMC Stator #583669, #583672, # 583104 $35 ea.
2 Ea VRO Pumps $75 ea.
1 Ea Timer Base Kit #583376 $99.
1 Ea New Rectifier/Regulator Kit # 395391 $89.
1 Es Used Rectifier/Regulator # 395391 $35.
1 Ea Gasket # 359-317955-1 $6.ea
9 Ea Gaskets # 194-321727-1 $6ea
5 Ea Gasket #
2Ea Gasket # 436-323459-1 $6.ea
4 ea 90HP Rod Bearings $50. set
2 Ea Ignition coils #582508-0560-0A $99. ea

ACCELL Distributor & Rotors Caps for Mallory $15 set.
Felpro Chevy 305/350 4 boat rubber valve cover gaskets 1 pair PN# VS12869R New $12.

Felpro Chevy 305/350 Cork/rubber valve cover gasket 1each New. $4
NEA PN# VS2335 Chevy 305/350 4 boat Marine Exhaust Manifold gaskets. New. 1 pair . $12.

Felpro Mercrusier Chevy 305/350 Gasket kit assorted not complete (head gasket missing) $20.

Bronze 11/2 Prop Nut $3.
Teleflex Black 18ft shift/throttle cable OMC new 1 ea. $17.
Teleflex Black 15ft t shift/throttle cable OMC new 1 ea. $15.
Teleflex Black 23 ft shift/throttle cable MERC new 1 ea $18.

Teleflex dual handle controls with pair Black 13 ft shift/throttle cable MERC used in very good cond. $99.

Teleflex Marine Trident Blue Wet Exhaust Hose 3 dia X 50 lg. $99.
Teleflex Marine Trident Blue 1 ½? hose $35.

1 Each almost complete Johnson 90Hp outboard J90TLCTE Asking $795.

1 Each basket case Johnson 85 Hp outboard, most parts in box, block is missing. Asking $295.

3 ea Johnson 90 HP upper metal housings $199.ea

3 ea Johnson 90 HP Lower Unit Housings $199.ea

3 Ea Johnson 90 HP fiberglass cowlings. $99. Ea

1 Ea Starter Motor (BAD) for Johnson 90 HP $10

1Ea Lower plastic cover for Johnson 90 HP $50

3 Each Motor mount Brackets with serial #s & Power Trim & Tilt Units for Johnson 90 Hp $299.Ea.

1 Ea Power Trim & Tilt unit (BAD) for Johnson 90 Hp $25.

2 Each good usedThrottle & Shift single lever controls for Johnson outboards $99 Each

Call: Walt (207) 286-8087 or [email protected]
Saco, Maine

Also: Wanted a Hand throttle/shift tiller control for 1993 Johnson 60 HP outboard.

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Thanks this site just keeps getting better each time i log in.
CAPTWALT thank you for your input. But i'm looking for a ballpark price on the l/u i have.
I am looking for some deals on 150/200HP johnsons (used & new). Kepp the info comming.

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oldbayrat .... The last OMC V6 gearcase I sold I got $150 for. This was a lower unit in good working condition. As fas as a used outboard I would check Blackbirds ... they rebuld them right and guarantee them. Here's their website If your looking new I don't think you can beat Ed's marine in virginia. Here's their site if your interested Personaly if my 1990 225hp rude blows I'm repowering with a new johnson 225 hp and I'm gettting it from Ed's. Sure I'd love a new yamaha hpdi but I could buy 2 225hp johnsons for the same price and keep one for a spare .. screw the gas milage thing. just my opinion.

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Hey Boat Thanks
I checked out Eds the other day i know what you mean about the price of the yamies. And the 225 looks like the way to go.
Will my controlls/elecric harness fit i have a 1982 115 hp.? I will check out 1outboard. again thanks

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I am very familiar with all outboard engines and I have to tell you that if you have an old Johnson then you might as well sell it for parts because if yuo spend the money to rebuild it you will only get one or two good seasons out of it. Those engines are pretty much junk after about four years.

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Capt J, You didn't say that someone would get 1-2 years on a Johnson rebuilt ~after~ the first 7 years, lol, ..... I do plan to sell this package this spring only because because I have upgraded to a bigger boat. Another OMC motor too !!! Thanks, roger

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I didn't mean that your engine would die after 2 years new. But if it is old only to consider splurging for a new one. What size boat do You have? If it is a small one with a motor under 150hp than they are pretty good ones. But if it is a larger boat with a 200 or 250hp then I still suggest a new engine(or not to buy one that big new).

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My apologies ... Mine is a smaller Johnson. 55 hp. I must agree with you on the bigger engines. Not that I have any experiences with them, only heard bad about big motors, period. With the exception with yami & honda. My .02 See Ya
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