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Hey guys!

Since we all had such a good time with Zeno's Appearance at the shop, we are going to have another one of the Surf Fishing Greats come to our shop and enlighten us all on some aspects of fishing.

We are proud to announce that John Skinner, long time surf fisherman, author of the new book " A Season On the Edge" and one of my personal role models will be at the shop on February 24th.
This is going to be a Sunday.

We are also very proud to announce that one of my good friends and well known surr fisherman Steve Wells will also be there to assist in Eel Rigging Techniques.

The two of them will show a different way to Rig Eels to use in the Surf. For all of you that enjoyed the Eel Skin Seminar you will not want to miss this! Valuable information from two guys that have been in the Surf for a while.

Come down for another Sunday morning of Coffee, Donuts, Stories and information! Questions are always welcome!

John will also be signing his book " A Season On the Edge" at the shop!

We will start the day at 11am until we're done telling stories!

For any further INFO please PM me, ask in the thread. Or call the shop from Thurs-Sun @ 631-368-REEL(7335)

Thank you Noreast' and I hope to see you all here!!!

The season is comming and this is definitely something you will want to keep in the back of your head for those August Nights!!

Dave JR & SR

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