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If you trailer out of Burns Park Massapequa, don't expect to park whether you paid the $30. resident fee (or even higher non-resident fees) or not. And if you can, hope that there are enough cleats left on the ramp you chose. Careful on the west-most dock- the wood is rotted. There is little or no paint left to indicate parking, the one-way arrows are tough to discern until literally on top of them, and, of course, there is no one there to mitigate the chaos. I hope it gets straightened out by Memorial Day, but throughout 2001 it only deteriorated further! Little leaguers run out of SUVs hidden by other vehicles and try to dart behind and between the back of your tow vehicle and trailer. If you are a concerned boater that utilizes Burns, express your concern at the following website:{5BA2173B-F1F4-4011-9735-2681F1F55BCD}
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