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For cod jigging you need relatively long rods. 8' Jigging rods are pretty popular among serious cod jig fishermen.
For tuna jigging, the opinions are vary depeding on their favorite jigging techniques. For traditional tuna jigging on the East Coast is to use long rod as we do for cod jigging. Many guys use the same rod for cod and tuna jigging. If you like to jig with long rods on your boat, I would say 7' lengh is a good compromise.
However if you like to use Japanese style jigging, the shorter rods have better advantage. Some guys use as short as 4' for tuna jigging though such a short rod is not suitable to normal cod jigging.

For both cod and tuna jigging, the best reel sizes I found are 3/0 and 4/0 even for 150 lbs tuna. You need lighter and smalller reels as long as the reels have enough line capacity and are strong enough, as cod and tuna jigging regurie long hours.

For jigging, narrower spool has definite advantage to reduce wobble, but two speed is not necessary.

I suggest to buy quality products even it cost more, especially for tuna jigging.
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