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Jigging for Tiles?

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New to this website and have been really impressed with the wealth of knowledge by all. I came across a pic with a tile and a jig. What's your recommendation for tilefish jigging - teaser set up, etc? I'm on the Viking trip in March and have been loading up on fluke bellies, etc. but would rather put the effort into the jig arsenal. I used to be a mate in SHB and I never saw tiles come up on that fancy Japanese jig. Looks like a top assist hook only? I'm using 65 lb Braid with 30' of topshot (60 lb). I don't know how you can reach bottom with a 16 oz jig in 500 feet. Thanks!


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As you said most people prefer bait for tiles.
I believe in the pic you posted there was some sort of bait the jig was tipped with?
But i wouldn't doubt you could jig one up.
Probably any sort of jig would work down that deep.
I would guess that it would be mostly the movement in the jig then the type of jig.
If you do decide to jig and are not successful and other folks are succeeding on bait i would switch to bait.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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