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Jigging for Tiles?

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New to this website and have been really impressed with the wealth of knowledge by all. I came across a pic with a tile and a jig. What's your recommendation for tilefish jigging - teaser set up, etc? I'm on the Viking trip in March and have been loading up on fluke bellies, etc. but would rather put the effort into the jig arsenal. I used to be a mate in SHB and I never saw tiles come up on that fancy Japanese jig. Looks like a top assist hook only? I'm using 65 lb Braid with 30' of topshot (60 lb). I don't know how you can reach bottom with a 16 oz jig in 500 feet. Thanks!


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I have caught them on jigs fishing for pollock on the wrecks, just the usual jig and tube setup like a 10 ounce jig and the tube of your choice. Of couse bait fishing was alot quicker but that wasn't the point.

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