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Adriatic Sea, Italian side

Doc, when I was in Italy back in '98 for a baseball tournament we had a nice hotel on the Adriatic coast.

A day would not go by when you did not get stung by a jelly fish (surprisingly, the stings didn't hurt that much, you'd think you had seaweed wrapped on your ankle or leg and pull away only to come up with these nice red lines that burned for hours).

There was a big bloom that year, or so we were told, and that you entered the water at your own risk. The problem was that the jelly fish didn't stay on top of the water, the liked to stay near the sea floor and occassionally you would find one floating around. They actually had trawlers going back and forth every single morning with nets. They'd come up with some ugly looking fish, lots of red mullet (I think that's what they were), and TONS of jellyfish. It was amazing how many jelly's they got every morning. I believe in the section of beach where all the resorts were took in on average 2-3 big dump truck like vehicles full of jellyfish..... The rest of the fish was put to use, we actually had the mullet for dinner one night.

I wonder if they've got the problem under control yet?

I was just thinking about something the DEC or NYS could do to help, offer money for every non-indigenous crab caught... Kinda like bottle They could grind them up and use it as organic fertilizer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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