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Is there no jaywealking laws in NYC?
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SORTIE wrote:
strange you should mention this, Darth -- I almost hit a jaywalking woman in Port Chester this morning!

at the eastern end of Westchester Ave (intersection with Route 1) there are three lanes at the stop line.

1. left-only
2. straight
3. right-only

as I came out from under the railroad bridge, lanes 1 and 3 were stacked five deep, but lane 2 (my desired direction) was empty.

as I head down, a woman crosses the street. NO, not at the cross walk:mad: - IN BACK OF THE SECOND CAR IN lane 1 -- too frickin lazy to walk another twenty feet and use the crosswalk

the sad fact is that it would be considered MY fault if I had hit this water buffalo

I asked cause of the same thing. But for me it was a guy and he gave me the look like I was doing something wrong by observing the traffic lights. And then when I got into Manhattan, I saw a lady hit a guy who jaywalked across the road...diagonally. She was making a turn in front of me(if it wasn't her, I might have hit him...)and this guy litterally ran in to her...on his feet. Took a dive in front of her car and would not get up. I saw the hit and I know he was fine, but we had to wait for the cops and the ambulence. I usually would just get out of there, but this time I stuck around to give the lady my eyewitness testomony that the jaywalkers ran into her car. The cop made it sound like the her Ins was gonna make a donation to the bum.


Also, in Manhattan, I miss a lot of lights because I have to slow down for the jaywalkers walking against the lights. If Bloomberg really wants to do something about traffic congestion, maybe he should clear the roads when the cars have the right of way.
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MakoMike wrote:
Jaywalking has always been a way of life in NYC. I often marvel at how many people will still wait on the curb when the light is red but there is no traffic coming. Cross in the middle of the block? Why not, if no ones coming and you need to get to the other side? How am I supposed to know which side of the street the address I'm going to is on. You expect me to walk all way down to the corner and back again? Get real.

You are the only one who looks to see if a car is coming. Most doesn't care if they get hit...they think it's free meal ticket.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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