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Hi everyone, looks like a great fishing season a-coming, my boat should be in the drink in about 3 weeks. I wanna get an issue going in the meantime.

There is a poacher working in Jamaica Bay. Not gonna give his name, but I'm gonna get his hull number tomorrow, my friend told me where his boat is. It is a small Carolina Skiff with a 25 HP kicker on it. He currently is trolling in front of Canarsie Pier every day, and he is hoarding bass and weakfish, and selling them to a couple of restaurants in Brooklyn. He was doing it the end of last year too, and he decided to get off to a flying start this year. I want him busted!

Let me know if you all feel the same, and I will post his hull number here. Can someone offer the most resourceful number to call, to bust this guy?

Good fishing!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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