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jamaica bay Fishing Report

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April 29, 1999 2:10 AM
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stella is a pain
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New York > > jamaica bay
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hi all whats doing. Fished the jamaica bay'
water's today by the broad channel bridge
mannaged to catch me a nice founder.
Ive been hearing many stories of the guys
that own boats around there of many bass showing
up and bunker are also coming in. Fluke season
is coming up and i hope the action is red hot,
Ive also heard of many people catching the fluke out in
ambrous channel already and the sizes are looking nice.
But geeezz, i cant wait for the big boys , im dieing to
go out there and kill em. Also heard of brown
shark in the coney island flats water running to about
150 pounds, man i wouldnt swim in that water for nothin.
I think if im on a boat and the boats is going down , we going together.
Im what u call petro about shard but at the same time,
ill kick the living life out of them with a rob and a hook
in his mouth. Oh not for nothing, if u ever go fishing with
a women , make sure she's not a pain in the buttt. because if
she is , she mite end up as shark food .
I can tell u this from experience , my girls about to experience
what a shark looks like up close if u know what i mean. lol

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