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i'm sure you guys got cabin fever as bad as i do.
any of you sharpies got advice on targeting springtime bass south shore with lures?
any imput would be greatly apprciated.
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"Junk Science" explained...

Well, given the current water temps and no real end in site anytime soon I'll bet the spring fishing is gonna be off to a slow start. We'll probably see below average temps well into the season. I would guess that won't slow any of us down though! I would tend to believe you would need to fish your plugs slow much like you would in the cold of fall when the water temps take a big dip. When the water gets cold the fish are a bit slower and won't want to have to work too hard for the meal. Fish heavier bucktails in the inlets as not to have the tide sweep them too quick.Maybe a 1/2oz above what you would normally use. Give 'em a little jig as they pass and work them back slow. Work the backsides of the inlets with swimmers on high slack into the outgoing. Key would be Slow! That is to say slower than normal anyway. Remember that shallower water will get warmer faster than the ocean. Meaning the bass will probably be mostly tucked in the bays at night where the water will be a few precious degrees warmer near the surface. Outgoing water earlier in the evening will pull out some of that water and the bass will probably take up their positions at that time in the inlets.
Fish backsides at dark/hi slack water and move to the inlet when it gets too
heavy to fish the bombers. Yea! Thats the plan! Oh yes,yes,yes! I need a shower and a cigar.

The above is my example of what we call "Junk Science". Take it for what it's worth and good luck! If it don't work remember I told you it's junk. However if it works the way my cabin fever infested brain see's it...well ya owe me ten bucks. Deal? At least buy me new shorts after me gettin myself all worked up for ya! 8^O
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just re-read your question and I think it's only fair to warn you...well..I'm not a "sharpie". There, I said it.
I'm not a "Sharpie" but I play one in real life.
Should you decide not to take my advice I'll understand. Suddenly I'm not good enough right? Who do you think you are anyway....
...oh the fevers gettin high!
'Scuze me for a while. I'll be o.k.
Oh look at the pretty light! That Elvis?
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