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i'm sure you guys got cabin fever as bad as i do.
any of you sharpies got advice on targeting springtime bass south shore with lures?
any imput would be greatly apprciated.
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NoEQL's "junk science" sounds pretty good to me. Fish the shallows where water heats up more, and ditto on the slowwww. Small plastics crawling along the bottom...small swimmers...small needle fish... all these will mimick the sandeels this spring. Fishing the evening and early nightime will likely be most productive on the nice warm sunny days where the frigid water has had a chance to heat all day.
Oh yeah...I'm not a sharpie either but I'm pretty good at faking it sometimes. That springtime plan works pretty good for me on the north shore though. I would imagine the same theories largely apply to the south as well.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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