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For those who are unaware Porgy season for the Party/charter boat fleet starts June 12th-This THURSDAY.Our normal sailing shedule is as follows(also see web site Thurs by phone reservation-need 6 have 2 plus our normal days which are FRI,SAT,SUN,MON 8am till 3pm.These will be PORGY PLUS other fish including Fluke,Blues,Weaks,Bass,ect.There is a 10 scup per man limit-The good news is the fish this time of year are as big as they come.Dont misunderatand we will ankor and chum serious style porgie fishin.If we get an early limit then we will seek out other spieces of fish.We fillet our Porgies for you leaving a boneless firm white meat fillet that Taste just like Fluke(some say better).
We will also start a FRi and SAT eve/night trip(4 hour promo special)for local Blues&Bass-5;30pm till9:30pm-Check the web site-You wont bieleve this promo $fare$ for your intrest,See you at the rail Capt.Larry & Crew
any quetions what so ever call me @ 631-831-4992
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