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Is there a way to do this?

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Nerd can you please see if you could make a find people currently on the site link! Also give a total number of people on the site even if not a memeber? I have seen it done on other sites and I think you can handle this one with no problem Thanks dude Mike
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No Privacy Here !

We Know that you are a Paranoid and Delusional. However , instead of sneaking around to find out who someone is JUST ASK! I am sure that many of us would love to have dinner with you some time or even go fishing w/you(remember that is what this site is about)!
But then you may worry we were trying to poison you or use you for Chum or Bait.
Anyway , what size shoe do you wear? I have some friends in the "Business" who would like to make you a special pair of boat shoes, the Non-Floating kind!
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