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Is there a way to do this?

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Nerd can you please see if you could make a find people currently on the site link! Also give a total number of people on the site even if not a memeber? I have seen it done on other sites and I think you can handle this one with no problem Thanks dude Mike
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A list of all registered users who have made at least 1 post to the boards would be great. It would calm my paronoid delusions about Gottog.

I understand privacy issues for who's on-line right now, but a list shouldn't be all that bad. After all, no e-mail is required, and if they post, then they choose to lose their privacy right there.
I don't want to know the identity of a person, like first name last name - that is and should be confidential. I'm talking about handle names, such as Sam843, that's all. Like that little box that pops up when you click on User Profile at the top of your post, that's all.

I'm a size 13. Anything else? 5'11, 200#, 38 waist, brown hair, brown eyes, look like Shoe Bomber, enjoy long walks in the park on rainy nights. You inviting me to dinner on a date?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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