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I know this is liable to be a controversial topic but I am curious how my fellow fisherpeople feel about
this subject. First off let me say
that I am not judging anyone, as a matter of fact I used to hold a
commercial license and sell my catch
regularly. However, I never felt good
about doing it and now have changed
my mind and done an about face.
Maybe it has something to do with
getting older and wiser? I know people
who sell part of their catch to offset
expenses. They abide by the size and bag limits imposed and are not fishing for personal gain but to recoup some
of the expenses. One guy I know commercial fishes for blackfish, but he releases the breeding female fish.
On the other hand, there are the
bandits. I know of guys who also
commercial fish blackfish and
will keep way over their limit and
keep alive in cages under their boat
dock. I'm not talking a few over the
bag limit. I'm talking 4 or 5 times over
the bag limit. When they return to the
dock the calls go out the restaurants
and they come down and take the live fish. These guys are not poor fellows.
They have professional jobs and don't
necessarily need the money to fish. It is just greed. Thanks for letting
me vent. What do you all think ????

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I think we beat this topic to death in the General Fishing Forum. Look for RECREATIONAL ANGLERS SELLING etc.....

From a couple of days ago.
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