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Is it truely Rocket Science????

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This evening I was at a neighborhood function and ran into a fellow parent that was showing some interest in fishing last year. He instantly started to tell me how he picked up a 12lbs Ugly Stick from Costco and in his words little plastic fish to use as bait.

One of the local schoolie spots over here is very visable from a passing highway so it is no suprise he picked this spot to go first. Armed with his new stick; plastic fish and two kids he hit the water with only casting my rod the year before a few times. Within the first hour he had 6 schoolies; and a few more before they called it a night. Its funny when you see someones facial expressions telling there victorius story; this being his first trip out made it even better.

This made me really start to think; this guy hits the water; budget stick; one type of lure; and no clue how to present his bait, tie knots, etc... and he had some great fish and not just one!

Is this addition we all have truely Rocket Science; nah... I am starting to believe its 50% luck (being in the right place at the right time, even though most of us try to predict this 50% on a day to day basis) and 50% time spent paying off.

So before heading home I warned him on what could come of this new past time; his response was not suprising "I think I want to get one of those 9' rods"!!!!!!!!

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Man, I have some Ugly Stiks I used to sling bait, but I can't imagine throwing lures on 12'er for more than 10 minutes. Dude's a trooper. Good he had such fortune. Probably will be sucked into the sport for life. Sounds like the perfect confluence of stuff. Right bait, right time, place, etc. It happens sometimes. Great when it does.

I've got a friend trying to get me on the Hudson so. of Croton Sunday (weather permitting...and it appears to be turning our way). Reports of schoolie action there. Perhaps I should break out the Ugly Stik. :)
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