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Hi Mytiju,

Is it time to go fishin' yet?

Err… Yes, you can target trout at some of the Nassau stocked lakes, tidal waters and flycast at Connetquot preserve. There you can have a wonderful time with Rainbows, Browns and Brookies. Lake Ronkonkoma is also hosting some small white perch. If you like ice fishing… Some of reservoirs are now holding some impressive yellow perch and pickerel action.

In the saltwater scene… Some party boats are still targeting tautog (blackfish) and ling.

The flounder season is about to open in a few weeks… and I am sure that a few flatties will be culled because of this ccccold winter.

Just North of us, there are cod fish ready and willing… but it is a weather sensitive proposition… but if you get a chance to sail… you will have plenty of action.

Also, if you like to have fun with some Stripers… The outflow is sporadic but there are a few to be had with small bucktails and plastics.

If traveling is your thing… Fla. is pretty good. I just got back from Sebastian Inlet and had a blast! I also know that the Keys is the place to be in the coming weeks. ;)

BTW: Those are nice Pollocks! Where did ya catch them? :)

"Crazy" Alberto
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hey Al

Thanks, got 'em on tile and pollack foray. Yeah I pretty much know the options this time of year, but they don't get the blood pumping, if you know what I mean. Really green about the Fla. trip details.:)
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