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inshore reports

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i'm getting ready to come down and get on a headboat, what am i better off fishing for.. fluke or stripers and which marinas have been doing good?
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thank you, i will consider AH knowing it is alot closer and easier to get to.. i got to call my buddy up tonight in manasquan.. he works skippering a pb boat. I guess with gas prices though, the quickest rt. to a marina (atlantic highlands) is best. I live in passaic county nj.. me and a friend will decide tomorrow what we're going to do! i'm excited ! hoping we do something on our first outing! maybe we'll do both striper and fluke this week! lol
well my friend wasn't going to lie to me.. it has been slow fluking and few keepers.. he said if you want to enjoy a boatride but the flukin is still off. he said it was better last year this time and they should be there now but overall it is slow picking. maybe we'll go to hang out anyway. can always enjoy trying for the pool fish! lol could get better as he mentioned the waters been cooler then previous season.
we're going anyway, the day we go the fish will bite! lol;)
RedEd wrote:
Better you go on NJ boat as you will be able to keep smaller fish then you would in NY. A plus, No? Ed
Hey ED, you know that never crossed my mind until you mentioned it.. i knew nj was 8 fluke at 18" but just noticed under the regulations for ny it is 4 fluke and the got to be 20.5 inches minimum?...!!! man that is like over 3 1/2 lbs? my gosh , i should think i'd be a **** of alot luckier off a jersey pb :confused: well tomorrow looks like the best day weatherwise wish me luck and i'll be reporting here after GL to you too!
Thank you Ed, was on the phone and the fluking aren't really biting yet but what the heck! I fresh water fish mostly and for trout upstate in the catskills and that is usually hit or miss.. i figure a cooler and party boat among friends is a great day no matter whats doin! i'll let you know how it goes!;)
well, it was gorgeous weather but, was fluked on this boatride .. guess water still too cold? only a handfull keepers almost 30 people onboard.I caught a few seabass for the table.I was bucktailing using the spros and strips of squid. Nice drift for my shimano scarbard 7' combo'd 4000 sustain and 17lb. fireline barreled 15lb.mono leader 3 oz. and a teaser. I am hoping for better reports later in the month. GL all!

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jfinny, first off ,i like you quote.. i went out on the ocean explorer out of point pleasant,we caught 5 tastey sea bass and i bought some monster sea scallops on the dock which were incredibly delicious.. i used my own seadish it goes .. first for the fish.. patted paper towel dried in frig over night.. dipped in bowl milk and than bowl seasoned italian breadcrumbs (lightly) heated a skillit pan with tablespoon of butter and half cup olive oil.. out of the ziplock fresh sea scallops lightly lemon peppered and quickly sauteed two sides for about 30 seconds and set aside .. fished fried quickly too after that set aside on precooked angel hair pasta( lightly olive oiled..for sauce, olive oil 3 cloves minced garlic and fresh basil about 4 big fresh leaves minced, salt/pepper one 8oz. whole and another diced halopeno and tomatoes can.. arange sacollps and fried seabass over angel hair and spoon as much sauce as you like
happy fourth everybody and god bless our american freedom fighters!
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pjm, what do these boats go for half day ? what are the rates and if they fish inside the hook there is no seabass? i think i like point pleasant/manasquan knowing if fluke is slow the seabass are readily available. I just know it's been slow as well as alot of throwbacks yet.. let me know if and when things are picking up!
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thanks pjm, i'm going to make some time and enjoy the summer fluking too.. hoping next week or end of july for another pb trip.. good luck hope you catch a limit of keepers next time out!
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Was`on the ph..reports are it still is slow and now with the hurricane rough waves inshore, it is going to get tougher i imagine. no party boating for at least a week or two for me. :(
any good fishing yet?

so far, haven't read any good fluke reports.. must be still out there .. sure wish i was on a pb right now at least trying! Please report any new jersey fluking here you guys! lets keeps it simple!;)
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