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I have two Stearns inflatable kayaks. They are very handy. They track fine, although they sit lower in the water than you might expect. If you're going to be going over a lot of rocky terrain at high speeds (like down a river), you might want a hard bottom.

I found it hard to fly fish from one; spinning is more do-able. Although if you get a treble hook lodged in the material in the front of the boat, you may need some help reaching it.

My kayaks store very nicely in my closet in a sq-foot-challeneged NYC apt. Also, I have a 20' Maritime boat, and they are stowable in the front compartment.

All in all, I think they have a niche. For the money, they are a good buy, and may enable you to peacefully get to some spots that are otherwise out of reach.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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