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I am posting this in the Offshore board because I think you guys may have a better understanding of this.

My fishing buddy has a 30' 1973 Egg Harbor w/twin 305 Crusaders (approx 4 years old). It is a glass hull with a wood Fly bridge, the bridge had to be rebuilt last year and it was done profesionally and looks good. The point is this... the boat was originally equiped with twin 80 gallon fuel tanks. The tanks had to be replaced over the winter and my friend wants to go to the Canyon so he installed twin 140 gallon tanks. The tanks were professionally built - aluminum. My concern is the added weight, at 6lbs per gallon that is almost 1700lbs in the stern of the boat. The boat cruised at about 16 to 17 knots before the new tanks. What do you think about the safety of this retrofit?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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