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'Compare and contrast the economic/living/social conditions of the country from which your family came and the econcomic/living/social conditions of Mexico City. '

Ok now you've gotten my ire up. OK lets see Mexico City , the most dangerous city on earth , has approximately 1600 kidnappings for ransom a MONTH! Who do you think is doing this students on spring break from Ohio? Good chance the people committing these crimes are MEXICANS!!!! The I rish side of my family , and many other Irish immigrants, came here because of the potato blight. On the Italian side of my family I have relatives who waited up to 12 years to enter this country LEGALLY! And you know what , in anticipation of coming to this country they all learned ENGLISH to fit in and acclimate to the American way of life.
I've heard, seen and read enough about these "poor immigrants" to say I'm not in favor of this bill and disappointed in ANY politician that thinks this is a good deal! (Kinda like re electing Ted "the ladykiller Kennedy everytime since 1963)

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