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LItoMD wrote:

The financial woes experienced by many are surely not at the hand of the "masses" of illegals that are "flooding" into the country and instantly having "seed" babies. Rather, its do to extravagant living and irresponsibility.

Be careful with that one. When your property values drop thru the floor because the slum lords start buying up the houses in your neighborhood to house 20 at a clip, you come talk to me. I live in Patchogue (next to Farmingville) and it is starting to spill over into my neck of the woods, and I'm not happy about it. The corner house near me was bought by a slum lord, and he even has them living in the garage. Place looks like crap. My neighbor is a Suffolk County detective, and he can't even get satisfaction from Crookhaven Town. A nice little cottage industry (no pun intended) housing illegal immigrants at the cost of hard-working (and legal) middle class neighborhoods. It's real simple.

1) They are here illegally. I repeat, they are here illegally.
2) Their presense negatively impacts a portion of the legal population of this country. Period.

I am not unsympathetic to the plight of some countries in the world. Africa has a lot worse issues than Mexico. But there are other courses of action that can be taken to help, other than just opening your borders and allowing your country to be overrun illegally. -Rich
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