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Hey all,

Its been two years since ive been on here (didnt feel like two years...) but I guess the reason why I wasnt on here for so long is because I was too busy fishing last year (also work got in the way -_____- ). 2013 season started with my friend getting a new center console 25ft contender. I had thought of the name "fin reaper" a few years ago, so he adopted the name for the boat. Our season had started late in the spring, but I had gone reef fishing already a few times near ambrose with my uncle and absolutely killed it. sea bass, fluke, stripers, even a few blackfish were laying around (the blackfish were released). about a month later or so, my friend and I had planned a tuna trip. It was scratched because the weather offshore was pretty nasty. however, the water near land was glass, so we decided to anchor on the shinne**** reef. it was a cloudy/ rainy day, but the fishing was once again on point. between 5 guys we caught about 20 keeper sea bass. one of the guys that came out with us was new and had hit his max for keepers. wonderful day. then a weekend after that, we were fishing on the channel for fluke. I was using my light tackle ugly stik/ daiwa set up (beast setup) with some squid and a bucktail. something starts tearing line off the reel. I tighten the drag, fight the fish for about 5-7 minutes and wouldnt you know it, I caught a nice striped bass. about ten minutes later, I had another big hit, but one of the idiot novices left his line in the water and wasnt paying attention. You could only guess what happened next -___-....but i cant complain that much. its not often I catch a striped bass out of nowhere. then july 4th weekend came up. this weekend will go down in history as the most sucessful fishing weekend ive ever had. first day we went for tuna, I nailed a 55lb bluefin. next day was fluke on the 15ft boston whaler. 3 keepers plus an interesting boat story that included the other man falling off the boat after another boat passed by because of his wake. so i hopped over the console, dragged him back in (btw, he was reeling in one of our keeper fish at the time and when he fell, dragged the fish into the boat). as i dragged him back in the boat, I see the fishing rod and reel he dropped overbaord start to sink. then it stopped sinking because the fish was in the boat. SUCCESSFUL DAY. then the next day we did some reef fishing. nailed a few keeper sea bass and a porgy. also met my future girlriend whom im still dating that weekend. after th summer, did two blackfishing trips, both being successful. that about sums up my 2013 season.
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