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I would like to own a type of business where I get to crawl under homes with a flashlight in hand to look for mud tunnnels,frass,webbings,droppings and creepy crawly things that slither in the dank ripe dampness.
I would crawl wih my trusty flashlight under sinks ,counters and various kithen areas and turn my gaze upwards to find the Germans and Asians as well as the Oriental,American,Smoky Brown and Australian variety of pathogenic carriers.I would seek out their fecal matter and identify each species by their digested and now excreted droppings.

I would lay ladder upon gutter and climb to heights seldom seen by mortals.
I would watch with wonder as birds and bees,wasps and hornets buzz around my head...some stopping to gaze at me before continuing their journey while others stop and alight upon exposed flesh to leave a welt or two along with a stinger knowing full well that a man 25 feeet up a ladder can do little to hide at such heights.

I'd don a suit of white with matching screened helmet attached to a splendid Safari like hat.
Then off I'd go to find the nests of the stinging ones to do battle and match wits.
Children would point at stare at the funny little man dressed in white.
The man in the white suit...

Oh yes!!!
My dream business is out there somewhere awaiting me!

I must go now and continue my search.

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shebeen wrote:

LOL....funny stuff Jay. :)

Me?.....maybe a mobile free-lance gynecologist.

Convert one of those Good Humor ice cream trucks.

Pull up to the curb.....

Ring the bell......

H'mm not a bad idea.

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If I had enough Money I would like to Continue commercial Fishing, At least till it ran out.
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