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Everyone who seems to be against this war keeps reasoning why this war is unjust. Can any of you with this mindset please explain to me when you would feel "comfortable" with our trying to defend ourselves and the rest of the free world from terrorists? Please lay out what you consider a MINIMUM requirement for our taking military action.

Please don't fill this thread with what you think we should have done before attacking Iraq. Just answer the direct question please. I'm curious.

Go Troops!!!

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Weren't you listening when the President said that this war on terrorism would be a long battle and would entail rooting them out wherever they lived? Because Afhanistan was so weak they had no choice when Osama and Al Qaida decided to set up shop there.
The threat there was the training and sinister plots that resulted in Osama using his resources to execute 9/11.

Iraq on the other hand has a regime that has the money and weapons to destabilize the area and to assist people like Bin-Laden who share the goal of reaking havoc on the US.

My point is that the action in Afghanistan is not enough on it's own. To retaliate for each action against us after they occur would be like trying to put out a forest fire one tree at a time.


I must respectfully disagree. Of course all we can do is speculate on why this administration decided to invade Iraq right now. After all Iraq was in violation of UN sanctions for 12 years.

To my mind though it makes perfect sense due to the circumstances of 9/11 and the continuing action in Afghanistan. Get rid of Sadaam. Cut off his ability to harbor and aid terrorism. Stabilize the region. Resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Diplomatically move on to the next threat, probaly North Korea.

Please explain where you feel we could gain a better return than that. Thanks.


It seems that the difference between the fors and againsts, at least among the reasonable among us, is whether or not you buy the connection between Sadaam and terrorists.

My opinion is that there is definitely a connection. If Sadaam's goal was to stay in power wouldn't it make sense for him to form an alliance with terrorists? That way he can supply them with weapons, training and whatever else to help their cause. This way he inflicts damage against the US and never has to take the blame for it.

In my opinion this administration understood that he was a threat that could not stand after 9/11.

Go Troops!

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