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First you run the eels over with your car, to make them lifeless and undesirable, and all the big mouths know that van staal sucks, you should use south bend or some other cutting edge brand.Then fluke the mess in to the shore, and only fish at dead low or slack tides. And also brag about only keeping 1 bass. And most importantly floating around in wet suit during a contest from the beach is only wrong if you get caught.

Eat digest and release!!!

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Here is some good advice!

Date posted November 16, 2001 6:50 AM

Posted by Striper Swiper

Report location Coney Island

Fishing method Surf

Had a good day on Coney Island got a striper and a blue on Gibbs Surface Swimmer great lure. The striper was 18 punnds and the blue was 14. Sold the blue to some Chinesse guy fo a $20! He told me that he was getting short stripers off the jetty and blacks on crabs were great. With the cold weather finnaly arriving blacks would be getting hungrier and bigger so go to SheepsHead jump on Pilot II and get your rigs ready you wont be dissapointed. My buddy got a 5 & 8 ponder which he sold for $75! Got his money back and moneys worth on one trip. Good Luck!


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