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Hampton is about 12 miles south of where I live so I know the area where you will be fishing quite well.

To answer your questions:

1. I like June best if your after groundfish. The weather is usually less windy then most of the year and it can be T shirt weather. I find the best and largest cod to be found around the Moons (New or full).

2. Cod is king in June but you may also land Pollock or Haddock. Stripers start showing up but they are mostly schoolies until July. If your looking to bring back really good fillets, Then cod is the fish and jigging is the method of choice for big cod.

3. 8' heavy convential rod with a Penn 113H, Newell (540.5.5 or 447 5.5), Pro gear or any other jigging reel that your can wrestle a 30lb cod from 300' water. Check out some of the previous posts under the rod building section. Synthetic (power pro) line is a must.

4. No SW license in NH.

I don't usually go whale watching. When your fishing, you end up coming across them almost daily. I caught my biggest cod (44lbs)under a school of herring that a Humpback whale was just feeding on. I have seen whales from May till Nov.

Hope this was helpful.

Capt. Marc
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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