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I need a report

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Anybody doing anything with the tuna?
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Most of the action down here in NC with the Tuna is out of Oregon Inlet. Most fish are on the small side, little footbals with a hand full of bigger fish but nothing to rite home about. Down in Hatteras it all small mahi and hoo's. Both place's on the OBX are seingthere share of sails and whites as well. Morehead city / Atlantic Beach is starting to see some decent Wahoo staring to show as well as tons of small bailer Mahi and a few sails. As for south of AB/MHC it's a long run to the stream for what there catching. Hopefully you guys see a few YFT this fall, maybe a late season bite. Can't be any worse than our YFT season down here, could count on one hand how many fish hit the dock. I have to work 5 canyon overnighters next week in Cape May hoping to see something. Ken
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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