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I need a little info, Cap!

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Capt. Neil and others,

Could any of you explain to me exactly what the meaning of a rod tip is (ie: medium action, fast action, etc.) I just purchased a nice St. Croix model # SWC60MF in lay man terms SaltWater Casting, 6ft, Medium power, Fast action! Medium power I assume is refering to the backbone of the rod. Am I wrong about this? Fast Action still has me confused. On the "Ask the Pro's" board (Capt. Neils mono line post)EC is saying something that when fishing fast action tips you need to be careful b/c you can loose the fish. I lost 2 bass this morning and caught one bass this morning. Don't know if it was the rod or me. Let me rephrase that I know I lost the fish but I hope it was due to the new experience of a newer composite rod. Anyway I intend to use this rod for stipers (eels/chunks/clams) it hold up to 30lb test. I use mono for Bassing. Your thoughts and opinions please.


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Thanks Capt. Neil,

As far as lifting power goes, that means I am just going to have a better fight with the fish right. How about hook setting capabilities? Does action and power play a role there? It seemed today that after I experienced that "thumpity thump thump"and a little run and tried to drive the hook home there was not much "Ummf" behind my hookset. I could usually lay into them. Maybe I just have to get used to his new rod.

By the way I still look forward to trying one of yours out in a couple of weeks. You had some really nice rods at the bass seminar.

Anyway let me know what you think if you don't mind.

Thanks again,

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Circle hooks

I do use them but today I didn't have them. My Bad! I was using Gamakatsu 8/0 Octopus. I set the hook I know..., I was fighting the fish. It was a bass, the line turned into the current, steady speed, and smooth. Not crazy and eratic like a bluefish. All of a sudden gone. I was upset to say the least b/c it felt heavy + or - 20lbs. No monster but a good sized fish. Comparable to what I saw a few others pulling up. The worst part of it is when the audience from other boats sees your line go limp. I was looking for a hole to crawl in as I cursed myself under my breath.

Do you think this rod will handle a 40lb fish should I ever hook into one?

The guy I was fishing with today kept on telling me it was too lite. I don't know. The shop that I bought it at said yes, I do believe them. After all I spend a good deal of money there and they want to keep a good customer right? Main reason why I purchased it was because my other one is really beefy. It gets uncomfortable to hold sometimes. But it's excellent when I need 8oz led to get down.

Thanks for all your help and you will be hearing from me soon about a custom job.

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