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Yeah...with nobody else...

Showed up at CPP at 7 on the dot. 10 cans of DelMonte whole kernel corn and a box of nymphs in tow.




8:45...Called Cool Hand, nobody home...I'm going fishn...

I get to the lake at 9, Cool morning, overcast, almost glove wearn weather,, a nippy wind blown in from the north west. CHUM CHUM CHUM...two cans spread out from the deep channel all the way back to the bank. Time to plat the waiting game, break out the flyrod and tie on a light colored bead head nymph. bang! big bluegill...Hey this is fun...bangbangbangbang...Bluegills and white perch, good size ones too. Kept a few for dinner.

BANGOLA!! zitzitzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

8 pound carp on the fly!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

OK carps are around, time to set down the flyrod and get serious. Break out the carpn equipment, a 6-6 ML Billy40 custom spin rod spooled with 8lb, and a 5-6 ul spooled with 4lb. A size 6 Gami octopus tied on the end with a couple splits 10" up. Load with corn and aim for the "rootn" bubbles that are a giveaway to the carps location.

Didn't even get the second rod in.

ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....FISH ON!

A 15 minute fight later and a big broze brute is in, 12 pounds on the De-liar.

Total was 18 carp up to 18 pounds. Rain shut em down for a bit, But BIG slab crappies came out to play with me and my flyrod so I didnt care.

Finished the day with some fish for dinner and sore arms...Dosn't get much better then this.

I'll post the pics soon...

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deAr lonely but happy

wish i could've gone wit u i luv panfishin dont ask me why but i do.i suggest u keep plannin trips it will catch on after awhile.people may have thought u wuz kiddin around.p.s.give me a holler next time u goin

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That fish must've been a blast on that rod!!! THe rod labelled "a 6-6 ML Billy40 custom spin rod" is a Loomis S783-2, so I'm sure the thing was doubled over.

See, even when I don't go fishing, I'm there in spirit. My rods, flies, reels, what else?? Hmmm?
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