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Well first off being we are in this fuel crisis I have decided to fight back

First off I quit smokin again five days without a smoke tonight I had one but I think i,m done I sure as heck aint spending seven bucks a pack anymore...

Anyway today I actually rode my bicycle seven miles to Gateway Marina from Ridgewood BKLYN and I had a ball took me about an hour back and an hour and a half to get there...

Ive been biking to work and biking to the boat and took the train to fetch my daughter from Irvington New York where she lives..

and having a blast doing it ive saved at least a hundred bucks in fuel and thirty bucks in smokes not counting tolls...

kept my trip short to the jetty caught my first bluefish of the year which I released..

I actually could have rode my Motorcycle to the boat but you know what ... i preferred the bicycle any how screw em...they can shove the gas now...

If im in a hurry I can always cheat and take the f train to stillwell or the two to flatbush ave with my bike for dawn patrol ill still come out ahead

My only problem will be marine fuel but with the two hundred I save on car gas and the three hundred I save on smokes and the two hundred I save from packing lunch and the two hundred I save from cooking in and the 1500 I save from canceling my car insurance...ill probably come out ahead and live a little longer...

the ride especially along the belt parkway was gorgeous ... I saw some very nice bunker schools back end of the garbage barges...

feels good to fight back:} anybody with a bike want to join me pm me we can all go fishing...Jon

Ill probably go back wed afternoon

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Good job mes.................

Quittin smokin........that'll save ya big bucks.....

I quit 29 years ago.......

Later this month will make one complete year since I gave up drinking....... monthly alcohol bill is now paying for my new Harley Road King..........
....I lost weight and feel great...

Good job, keep it up..............

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Im with you Mesinger

I filled the bike tires myself.
We need to unite and show the gas wigs we are not going to buy their crap at their price.

I was thinking about what I could quit to save a little....and I have nothing I could quit
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