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a person who pretends to have desirable or publicaly approved attitudes,beliefs,princables,etc.he does not actually posses.why then in this weeks issue under the title shark horror would this magazine bad mouth the practice of shark finning and then as luck would have it print under burnets bait and tackle in the offshore section the practice of dumpping a small mako for a larger money fish . maybe you offshore boys with the big toys can explain it to me.
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I'm not sure they reported it correctly

I've reposted the report below and I suspect that there was a typo. It seems that being the weight of the mako was 135 and the "estimated" weight of the thresher was 300 pounds, that the mako was actually the fish that made it to the scale. The report also mentions that had "already reached" their one fish limit.

I'll see if I could confirm exactly what the case was.

Burnett Bait & Tackle reported that Tony Seguelia and Mike Dixon were in the Bay Shore tournament aboard the Fishing Machine II on Saturday. They caught a 135-pound mako early in the day that was kept to try and earn a place in the tourney. As luck would have it, an estimated 300-pound thresher took a bluefish bait later on in the afternoon. Tony and Mike were forced to cut the mako loose as they had already bagged their one shark limit.

I should also point out that I agree 100% with our Editor's position on shark finning.
I have confirmed that the thresher was in fact released ? score one for ?the Big Boy?s with the Big Toys? for showing the true nature of the recreational angler. Even when faced with the ?Big Money? decision, they chose the route of conservation, having already reached their legal limit.

They truly need to be commended!
There?s nothing in the books that says you can?t catch and release after reaching your one-shark limit. It was totally their choice.
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