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HudsonKid....shouldn't your question be 'How far south are the stripers right now?

I have seen a number of fishermen along the Jersey shoreline fishing for stripers using worms and catching small schoolies from just south of the George Washington Bridge, all the way down to the Pier right next to the Erie Lackawana at Hoboken. I have also saw numerous patches of birds working between Great Kills Bug Light out to Old Orchard Light almost up to the west side of West Bank Light Saturday afternoon while i was running the boat up from Tottenville Staten Island. It seems the first body of stripers are working their way down the North River at this time. Your best bet would be to fish worms on a bottom rig. You can also use small rubber Mega Baits, bass assassins or bait tails around the piers in the North River. Contact Dan at the OUTDOORSMAN in Palisades New Jersey, or M&M Tackle in Morris Canal, Jersey City for more detailed reports, and to pickup bait/lures.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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