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The Piermont Pier is definately a great place to fish, you may also won't to go a bit further south into NJ, the Alpine Boat Basin and Liberty park are great options as well.

Bloodworms are the preferred bait but the really big cows, 40-plus pounders, are usually caught more upstream, say near bear moutain, with blueback herring.

The season north of the GWB usually begins in mid march, the keeper size is an astounding 18 inches if you can beleive that.

Remember that the momma fish are heaing upstream to spawn, you may want to wait until early May and catch the ladies coming downstream. They'll have a kinda of washed-out look and are very verocious. The best spot at this time is around the Spytun Dyval Bridge as the head into the east river.

Perhaps the best overall spot are the flats around Croton Point Park, again on the westchester side. You can catch bass there right now.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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