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Hi everyone, Jay from NY. Long story short….I lost my father 2/2/22 at 66. His loss caused me to fall into the bottle, no excuses. I watched a video on making softbaits, said “that looks fun, I can do that”, and I did. I fell off into an addiction like no other and it got me out of the fog I was in. I really enjoy making softbaits. My kids said I should sell them, so I do. If anyone is interested let me know. I have some on Etsy for your viewing pleasure. I really enjoy the old school solid colors like Pumpkin Seed, Motor Oil, Junebug, GP, etc. I have over 40 colors, 23 flake choices, and 4 scents. I can color match (within reason) and just started looking into laminated baits.
Check out
If you’re local, message me or email me at [email protected] to skip freight. Thanks for taking a look.
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