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tying bucktails is a lot of fun, but it is even better to catch fish on a lure you made your self. I make orange over white(sea robin/blowfish), blue over white(herring), olive (blackfish/cunner), burple(night time)
black(night time), dark red (night time),pink over white(squid), yellow (weakfish), green over white(spearing/sandeel), all white(good for everything). those are the colors I ty for surf fishing. this is how to ty a bucktail:

1. attach the buck tail to a vice on the hook part, If you dont have on hold it in your left hand buy the head.

2. take the desired color thread and start to wrap it around the lead head.

3.after about 5-6 wraps take two long saddle hackle feathers and ty them to the bottom of the lead head. these take the place of pork and can match the color of the bucktail or be some thing taht stands out like bright red. they swim and flutter better than pork but will get wrecked if Mr. bluefish shows up.

4. then take a pair of sizzors and cut off a good chunk of hair and firmly ty it onto the head. if you are tying a dark color over a light color(usually white) than start with the light bottom color. continue cuting and tying chanuks of hair down until the bottom of the buck tail is covered, proceded to ty the dark color on the top. make sure you do not make the tread extend a 1/2 inch past the end of the lead head. the distence depends on the size of the lead head. also for the amount of hair, a dense bucktail with lots of hair is good in rocky areas for it sinks slower and is easyer to keep out of the rocks. a spare buck tail is better with pork instead of hackle feathers and will cast farther and will sink faster if you are fishing inlets or deep water witha lot of current and need to get down deep.

5. once the hair is implace give a good tug on it to make sure non of the hairs come out. one or two is OK but if you pull and half the hair falls out then you are not tying it down hard enough. once the hair is implace then ty on a little flash or mylar on each side.

6. continue wrapping it untill the hair and bucktail is nolonger visable under neath and all you see is thread. then tie it off several times.

7. you can use any kind of glue or epoxy to seal it off but I use either Douco Cement or clear nail polish. make sure all the threads are covered in a thinck layer and let it dry.

8. sometimes the nail polish over what ever you use can make the bucktail smell bad so I add a thin coating of smelly jelly over the tread and again on the pork or soft plastic trailer.

9. sharpen your hooks and you are ready to go!

this should be in the begining but if you cant buy bucktails in a desired color then buy some Rit fabic dye, it is inexpensive (2dollars a box). add some of the poder to some warm water and let the buck tail soak in it. if you dont tye ur own you can still buy white bucktails at the store and dye the whole thing.
if you have questions just PM me

hope this helps anyone that wants to learn how to tye a bucktail!
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