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How to set the hook on stripers

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I have a question, actually a series of questions. I have had no success in catching stripers, granted I haven't targeted them specifically too many times, usually along with blues. How do you the set hook to a striper in the following cases.

Live Lined Bait(Bunker or snapper) either from the boat or surf. I have had 2 runoffs on live bunker from a boat and failed to connect. The first I hooked and lost shortly after. the second he ran I hit(The same as I would a blue) the bunker came back alive but scaled. should I have waited for him to stop his run(swallow the bait)?

Also same question for Live Eels on the bottom? Do they run with them or just rap it. do you set the hook immeditaely

3rd and last cut bunker from the beach with weight on the bottom?

I know this is a lot of questions but I am getting desperate to catch my First Striper

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when eeling there is an old expression "bow to the cow" IOW drop you rod tip and wait for the line to come tight before trying to set the hook.
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