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I put an inquiry in to the DEC - Photo and All
to get it form the source on what size this fish is?
I thought is was to the fork...But remembered hearing it was to the tail- IT'S to THE TAIL! So I have my 1st Keeper for 2008.

Here's the exchange:
>>> 5/3/2008 9:12:42 PM >>>
DEAR DEC Marine ,

could you clarify how to measure a Striped bass
is it to the Fork or the tip of the tail ?

I have attached a photo of a fish caught yesterday ( released in great shape)
can you tell me which is the correct length?


Ronkonkoma , NY
DEC Response:

All minimum length requirements in our regulations are Total Length.

Total length (TL) is the distance from the tip of the snout with the mouth closed to the tip of the longer lobe of the caudal fin (tail), measured with the lobes compressed along the midline (tail squeezed).

Many fish will have one lobe of the tail longer than the other. In striped bass, they are very close, but often one is slightly longer.

Total Length is a straight-line measure, not measured over the curve of the body. The best way to measure it is by laying the fish on top of the ruler, squeezing the tail, and making sure the mouth is closed and snout is right at zero before taking the measure. After taking the measure, double check to be sure the tip of the snout is still at zero.

A measuring board will make this job easier. These allow you to lay the fish on the board and slide the head of the fish up against a stop at zero. Slight pressure is maintained against the stop while measuring the fish to ensure accuracy. These boards are commercially available, or a handy person could make their own.

From the information in your photo, IF the snout of the bass , with the mouth closed, was at zero, your fish may have measured over 29" total length.


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