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How much?

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As an avid fisherman I constantly find myself thinking of my next boat, bigger, better, and the like.

I currently have a 24 footer and off shore excursions are limited at best for a variety of reasons, mostly because I do not trust a single engine 11 year old I/O off shore.

Funds are limited, but how much would one need to spend on a reliable, comfortable and most importantly safe off shore vessel of about 30 feet, used, that is fully fishing ready and rigged. I know it's a loaded question, but I really have the itch. I like the Bertrams and prefer a cabin for those times when I am taking the family out or just want to spend a night on the boat.

Why did I need to go and get involved with such an expensive hobby:)
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The more I think of it, here is some more info...

Price range would be about 50K. Doable? Or would we be talking about vessels that would cost mucho dinero in "unforeseen" costs right up front.

I look at used boat adds and listings and you do see some pop up in a livable price range, but used boats scare me. And new ones cost ALOT!
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