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I always hear people saying, "nah i aint goin fishin' this weekend its a full moon. "nah theirs no fish out their today is the full moon". How does the moon affect fishing? Does it make the tide faster, resulting in more lead to hold bottom? Do the fish not feed on a certain moon phase??? I like you guys to share comments about this and tell if you have had decent results fishing the full moon????
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if you are fishing for fluke then I understand your friends comments during the full moon the speed of the tides are greatly increased and means a lot more lead to hold bottom. a place where you use 2 ounces minght need 6 or more.and then if you have the wind with the current you'll drift so fast the fluke will think your bait has wings. however if you are fishing for Bass or Blues you would do very well fishing a full moon tide.I have been in moriches at night during the full moon only to see so many red and green lights it looked more like a christmas tree than the inlet.
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