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How do you use a lever drag?

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I just acquired a shimano tld lever drag
from a friend that I would like to use
party boat tuna fishing with. I'm unsure
how to set the drag and the best way
to fish with it.?? Any experience using
a lever drag reel??
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You did'nt state what size TLD reel you have.Always make sure the reel is in
free spool,before turning the drag knob
(clockwise)turn it about 10-15 clicks.
Push the lever handle to strike with
your line thru the guides use a scale to
check the amount of drag poundage you
have.Drag should be about 25% of the lines rating.If not repeat all the steps
before turning the drag knob tighter.
Also,after every trip after your reel has been cleaned and dried put it in free spool and back off the drag knob all the way.Do this after every trip.
When fishing with your TLD (CHUNKING)you
fish in free spool when a fish makes a
run do a slow count to 5 push lever 1/2
to strike until youcan regain some line
then go all the way to strike.
Most headboats frown on the use of braided line mainly because of the danger to the mates who must some times
handle the line.I know of no reliable
way to know how much drag you have with
out using a scale.I have a Manely 0#-50#
scale that I use.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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