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I will share my secret with you. Dont use some sabiki rigs, read on, because they are cheap rigs that break after a few fish and the hooks cannot be re-tied. I found the rig I made caught more fish and never lost a hook due to fish.

Here's how my rig is made.

depends on the size of the fish you want.
For small herring and shad,
Plain gold hooks-I used Eagle claws hooks
1/2 to 1 oz jig(tube jig or a diamond jig)
A small black snap swivel.

For the large winter herring(blueback herring)and shad,
1/0 gold hooks with glow beads or green or yellow beads(small) with tinsels from christmas decorations. Tied them together and put nail polish to seat them. Dont let your wife or girlfriend find out you took her nail polish. I like using flurescent green nail polish. You dont need a lot of tinsels, just little to make it look like a small shrimp or fish. Also about 10 hooks.
A silver snap swivel.
A tube jig.

Both have proven to work on daylight time.

Since the sabiki rig cost more than $3.00 each, $2 if you are lucky. By making your own rig, you are saving money and will feel great to catch them with your homemade rigs.

I must said the last part was not my own idea. I was given this idea by a fellow fisherman who posted here. Thanks to all who responded to my post.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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