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I love this site, first and foremost...

I also understand the realities on running it, $$$, therefore the advertising.... No, Problem with that.

But, why do the ads jump in when i pick a topic, even after i have supposedly turned them off under my login name on many many occassions? Sometime, I just leave the site as I can't read what I am trying to open. Great site guys, but can you help me out with this????

Thanks, Hooper.

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My guess is that you dump your cookies on a regular basis (or perhaps you have some security software that does it for you without you knowing).

In order to turn off the between-page ads and keep them off, a cookie must be implanted on your machine. If you delete this cookie, we have no way of knowing that you turned off the ads.

For more info about cookies and how they can actually improve your web-surfing experience, check these links:

Cookies and The Web: The Goal is Rich Interactivity

What are Cookies?

Cookies are good for you

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