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I've got one for ya!!!!

#3. Rod broken into 2 pieces in any section.

9'lami.1 Piece Snapped in half above the real seat,How can I fix it???
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Broken Flyrod

Hi Captain Neil, sorry for the long delay to your generous assistance. I missed your reply by a few hours. Spent a few weeks down in NewYork with the families, and too busy to shop for the 1361mh blank. I will try MarkFlynn again the next time.
While I was going over your posts, my wife Cathy snapped her flyrod right above the ferrale. I tried the forementioned method, and found failed to apply for my situation.
Please help.
PS: Cathy also admires your kind generosity toward referring customer to your rivals.
Thanks Captain

Good idea I will send it back.
Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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